Room With a View…of the carpark

Hotels often have hilarious ideas of what constitutes a “safe” room for a single woman traveling alone.

I was once given a room, far from the elevator, so far in fact I actually got lost looking for it. This hotel had a lovely view from most of its rooms of a nearby temple. No such luck for the traveling lady.

I got a view of the car park.

When I questioned this, I was told it was a “quiet and safe” room. Had there been a fire, the trail of breadcrumbs I left to find my way back would have been toasted. And if by quiet you mean there was literally no one within a five room radius, yeah that succeeded.

I was quickly moved, but it does highlight the issue that in many hotel chains, a “safe” room means away from the hustle of the hotel. Which is a nice concept in principle.

But in reality, the closer I am to the elevator and to people, the safer I feel. Not just for the fire issue, but also it means I am in my room faster.

Some hotel chains, like  Hyatt, have been making a concerted effort in recent times to cater to the needs of the single traveler. They will give you a room close to the elevator (which you can also specify on booking as well as have it noted on your Gold Passport loyalty program profile).

Some hotels, like Bella Sky have women-only floors. Which may be going to the extreme, but it does enhance the sense of safety.

What do you think? What is your idea of “safe and quiet”?

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