Here for the Long Haul

Here’s the thing about being born and bred in Australia – it’s so bloody far. From everywhere. Except New Zealand. But that doesn’t count.

To get from my base in Doha, Qatar, to Sydney it’s a 14 hour flight and at least one connection. Even at the pointy end of the plane, that’s a long, long time.

So to ensure my survival and those around me (including crew and fellow passengers), I pack a survival kit. This includes:

1. Stretchy pants

Gap Yoga pants

Gap Yoga pants

Although many airlines in business class will give you PJs, the aren’t always the best fit. I have been known to wake up with them around my ankles, involuntarily. Really. These ones from Gap are my favorite at the moment and work double time as work-out pants at the other end.

2. EarbudHeadphones



Now all long haul flights regardless of class you are traveling in will give you headphones, but the problem is, sometimes they have been re-used. Also, especially the luxe “noise cancelling” ones, makes it difficult to fall asleep. White girl problems, I know. These ear buds by Beats are not only funky but portable and you can get a special adaptor for the three prong in-chair outlet. Beats by Dr. Dre

3. ipad




OK OK this is obvious, but I don’t watch movies as the screen is too small.Instead I pack with magazines including GlamourMarie ClaireVanity Fair and Gourmet Traveller. Nothing too taxing. Books on my summer travel list include The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster and We Need New Names by NoViolet Buluwayo

5. A decent lip balm

ByTerry Rose Lip Blam

ByTerry Rose Lip Balm

I am not a label queen but this balm is the best I have found. ByTerry (it’s better if you say with a French accent) is available at most high end department stories and its not only lush but smells amazing. Worth the price.

5. A great moisturizer

Moisture Hit

Moisture Hit

An oldie but a goodie, this classic by Clinique is best served slathered on. Makes me look half human on arrival.

All these fit into my admittedly cavernous handbag…but I never leave home without them.

Happy travels.



A Hair-Raising Tale

What is it with hotel hairdryers?

Either they are bolted to the inside of a drawer in the bathroom or those weird tubular ones that gently waft lukewarm air in the general direction of your hair. That is, if you don’t manage to nearly strangle yourself with the bendy tube.

Beware the bendy tube

Beware the bendy tube

Even expensive, yea seven star hotels, see to neglect this one essential item and opt for the crappiest ones available.

Or, then there is the “find the hairdryer” game you have to play in some hotels.

Is it in the drawer in the bathroom? Hmmmm no. Perhaps it’s in the closet where those weird shoe polish things are kept with the sewing kit? Nope. Wait! Found it! It’s in the desk drawer. Of course! How could I be so silly? I always fancied drying my hair while I wrote an email. Doesn’t every gal?

The award for the best hotel hairdryer goes to Park Hyatt Moscow. It was a professional one, with excellent air strength, clearly designed to tame the luscious locks of those Russian beauties who stay there.

This may fall into the category of “white girl problems”, but seriously, how hard can it be?